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Author on things we all question

* Which includes: Angels, Aliens, Holy Encounters, Ghosts, Faith, UFOs, Heaven and Hell, Shadow People, Bigfoot, Hat Man and everything else you can think of!


Jesus Is No Joke (JINJ)

A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus

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Once a skeptic of “Holy Encounters,” Heidi Hollis shares her true story of four unexpected journeys with Jesus, which led her deep into the reality of His Presence among us today. Hollis shares how Jesus and His angels revealed glimpses of Heaven and Hell, even healing her physically of an incurable disease, leaving her with the utmost passion to share His inspiration with the world!

As humanly as possible and lacking a religious tongue, Hollis pours out her raw emotions with all of the errors, yet new understandings, which came with meeting someone she highly misunderstood when she heard claims of Jesus appearing to people around the world today.

Hollis once thought that Jesus had traversed these lands long ago, never to be seen or heard from again—now, in admitting her error, she encourages others to hold their “J” for Jesus up in the air for all to see: Jesus Is No Joke!

“A raw outpouring of pure emotion from someone who is hardly a member of the clergy. She explains what she saw and pours out real, true emotion – with little political motivation that one so often hears from the ordained clergy. An inspiring and encouraging tale for spiritual people, "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is a must for community library spirituality and Christian studies collections.”
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief ~Midwest Book Review

“Heidi's writing style simply drew me in—it’s natural, refreshingly "real," and enthusiastic. Best of all, she has something to say. Her encounters with Jesus were riveting and inspiring and they conveyed, above all, the feeling of Jesus' reality. Heidi writes from her heart, her soul, and after reading this book, I felt that I knew her, appreciated her, and admired her courage. A must-read for those who seek the Light.”
Robert Becker/Editor, Pure Inspiration Magazine

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Picture Prayers
The Journey to Picture Perfect Prayers

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How To Pray Like The Angels

If there were ever a subject that may need a fresher coat of paint, prayers would be near the top of that list—well at least for some of us. For those of us who were raised in the tradition of Christian homes, we all know the drill when it comes to striking a pose for prayer.

This is the personal and true story of one young woman’s struggle to pray with intention, sincerity and depth only to be taught these elements from an angelic presence to pray with just a glimpse at a picture in mind, heart and soul.

“Prayer can be done this quickly, this is how we communicate,” an angelic voice whispered. Thus, Picture Prayers were relayed and a new form of prayer had come into light for her and quite possibly—the world. It was all so quaint, so poised and so natural, praying in pictures had changed her life and connection with God forever!

Picture Prayers by Heidi Hollis inspires people of all faiths and ages to create a beautiful visual dimension to their prayers. This adds an amazing new depth and freedom to spiritual life. Heidi's life story is an inspiration as she gives us faith to continue through life challenges and follow our inner guidance, no matter how "strange" it may seem at the time. Her life proves that we are never alone, no matter how it may feel.      
~Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages and Angel Messages Book


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Learn how to bless your personal space and keep these dark things out in this illustrated guide--FOR ALL AGES!!!

The Secret War
A True Story About A Real Alien
War And Shadow People

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Shadow People Revealed! By The Author Who Gave Them Their Name !!!

In 2001, this was the book that presented the topic and concept of the now horrifically popular phenomenon called “Shadow People!” In this new edition, Heidi Hollis relays the topic of Shadow People and their many links to much of the paranormal phenomenon happening around the globe today—including the alien connection!

In 1997, Hollis gave this dark presence their name, not knowing how far the reach of Shadow People had already been. Now she stands as the world’s foremost expert, having given the groundwork for others to find answers and remedies to the Shadow People infestation:

This is the true story of Hollis’ journey into a hidden existence she suddenly found herself in the middle of. She was once besieged by ghosts, poltergeists, then witnessed UFOs, only to have the alien occupants come in for a closer look. Then came the worst of it when Shadow People greeted her, followed by what she also named the “Hat Man” phenomenon!

Hollis soon discovers that there is an ancient war brewing in our skies and in the homes of individuals around the world—including her own. With horror surrounding Hollis and a college roommate on a daily basis, they both are given the tools to defend themselves against this dark menace. This help came to them by way of a being who is already engaged in this Secret War—an alien who claimed to be watching this battle between GOOD and EVIL!

Topics covered in this book include:
Crop Circles, Black Eyed Kids, Hat Man Shadow Encounters, various types of Shadow People, Alien Abductions, Alien Encounters, Holy Encounters, Ancient Mysteries, MILABS (military abductions), the TRUTH behind Alien contact and the conflict between species and TONS MORE!!!

Please see the "Graphic Novel" page on this site for more information on this book series: "Diary Blog of the Fickle Finders."
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